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This Is Why Properly Trained Security Is Crucial

"You really did not manage this well." - Czech President Vaclav Klaus 9/28/12.

To whom did he make this classically understated comment?

To his bodyguards.


After "a young man wielding a [BB gun]" fired pellets at him and hit him in the arm. Yes, someone successfully shot the President of a major nation during a public appearance to open a bridge in a village about fifty miles north of Prague. With a handgun. A plastic handgun, but a handgun nonetheless. The gun fired airsoft pellets, similar to paintball rounds.

While the gun itself was not a danger to the President's life, it requires essentially the same abilities to draw and fire from concealment as many "real" handguns. Between the glut of Soviet arms floating around the world and small pistols designed for very close range personal protection (The Kel-Tec P-32 comes to mind - it's so small that many users have to purchase the extended magazine to extend the grip and have any chance of an accurate shot - otherwise, the gun can barely be aimed at all), anyone who wants one can procure a handgun, legally or otherwise. It requires no more skill to fire a P-32 than an airsoft pistol from the one meter (3.3 feet) distance at which the President was attacked.

You that last sentence correctly. The Czech President's bodyguards allowed the attacker to get within one meter of their principal, to draw a weapon which appeared to be a handgun, and to fire on their principal.

A three day training course simply doesn't cover what one needs to know in order to properly protect a principal. Quite frankly, someone with three days of training under their belt is more dangerous than walking around unprotected.

It's also worth considering that Klaus is a popular figure in his country and has done essentially nothing during his term in office to offend anyone or make enemies. Enemies found him, nonetheless. While some might write this off as a very poorly-considered teenage prank, the fact of the matter is that the shooter in this instance could well have been an advance member of a team who intended to use real guns to really kill the President. He could have been a distraction for the primary shooter, or he could have been used to test security arrangements pending an attack once the security was found to be lacking.

Make sure those protecting you have the best training available and plenty of experience. Torres Protection Group founder Rafael Torres has fourteen years of Secret Service experience, along with the training that comes with it. Don't let a poorly-considered prank or a mentally unstable shooter ruin your day or your life. Contact Torres Protection Group today to help ensure your safety. Everyone can use the services of a well-trained Executive Protection Specialist. Even leaders of nations who have entire divisions of law enforcement officers deployed to protect them sometimes can use a little extra help, or an armed overwatch.

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